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Filament winding on polished, smooth steel mandrels needs a special release agent. The release function is normally achieved with:

1) Wax or silicone grease, which gives build up problems and contaminates the wound tube or pipe.
2) Release film which is wound onto the mandrel, this leaves marks in the bore or I.D. and often can get trapped inside the bore and is difficult to remove.
3) Semi permanents do not have necessary slip and are generally not used.

– Water based, no environmental concerns
– Contains no silicone or natural wax
– Excellent wetting of all surfaces
– Transfer to moulding can be washed off with water
– Simple to apply, quick drying
– Excellent release
– Tube has very smooth bore


PAT-607/PCM is specially developed water based micro emulsion, no silicone or natural wax is used and the PAT-607/PCM film forms on polished and chromed steel perfectly.

As well as this application because any transfer to moulding can be washed off simply with water, it is also used for epoxy casting and aerospace moulding.


1) Ensure surface to be treated is clean & de-greased.

2) Apply PAT-607/PCM with a lint free cloth over the surface using slight pressure, and then wipe over again with the same cloth to remove excess, if streaks appear the application is too slow, or too much has been applied. To avoid streaks go over the area being treated again with the wet cloth, this keeps the material well distributed as it dries and minimises streaks. Good application technique comes with practice. For filament winding it is best applied to a spinning mandrel. Alternatively spray a thin event coat. For either method aim for a drying time of approximately 2 minutes at 20C, this shows the correct amount has been applied. For either method thin coats are essential for a good surface finish to avoid build up.

3) If required polish with a clean lint free cloth.

4) Leave for 10 minutes at room temperature and repeat to achieve a total of 5 coats.


1) Spray or apply a coat using same technique.

2) Allow to dry and if necessary polish with a lint free cloth.

All products have been rigorously tested to meet your performance expectations and are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standard and also ISO 14001 environmental control standard. For further information or assistance regarding filament winding please contact us, we are always happy to help.