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Internal and external release agents for the following criteria in chipboard, MDF & HDF.

  • Effective consistent release for class 1 and class 0 levels of fire retardant board.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Sanding and cutting much better due to consolidated surface of board.
  • Press plattens run clean offering more efficient heat transfer and consistent density of board.
  • Faster press times for single & multi daylight presses, up to 15% depending on thickness.
  • For double belt presses speed increases of up to 30% have been observed for thin board.
  • Reactive surface sealing grades now available.
  • Panel door skin production, special surface sealers and hardeners, are now being used with high cost savings & improved properties.
  • Full range of dual purpose cleaning and conditioning chemicals.
  • Thin MDF can be produced ready for painting without sanding, offering substantial savings in board & paint costs.
  • Lower paint consumption for painted surfaces, savings up to 35% can be made.

Isocyanate bound OSB – we have the only external release agent approved by Huntsman for continuous production of OSB using pMDI resins

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