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All aspects covered.

  • Release agents, wetting agents, anti-block additives, anti-dust additives, antifoams and cleaners.
  • Combined release and wetting agents very efficient with low foam generation.
  • Back face release for HPL in continuous belt and multidaylight presses.
  • Long running maintenance free.
  • Wetting agents and flow promoters which do not influence colour or surface porosity.
  • Anti-block and anti-tack additives for prevention of blocking in high humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Standard additive for many European companies as well as those in warmer climates, a useful insurance.
  • Anti-foam additives available separately or supplied pre-mixed with other grades.
  • Anti-dust additives for problem papers.
  • Cleaning papers now available.
  • Special products to keep press surfaces clean when changing size of pressed area.
  • All wetting agents now non NPE.
  • New ultra safe environmental grades.

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