Ralph Middleton

Pultrex Ltd

“I’ve known Keith for about 30 years and have been doing business with CRC throughout practically all my working life in the UK.

“Our work has always been to do with composites, and CRC have been a supplier of raw materials for us. We’ve thrown some weird and wonderful enquiries at Keith, and he’s always come up with solutions and given samples and advice.

“Keith has got an encyclopaedic knowledge of his particular field – he’s forgotten more than I know! But in those rare moments when he doesn’t know something, he knows someone who will know. Like Keith, Carolyn is very knowledgeable and I hold them both in high regard.

“We use CRC because of the consultancy side of things that you get with Keith. CRC are so helpful and offer great service. It’s having that reliability; it’s knowing that if you need something, it’s there. And they are such nice people too! I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Will Battrick

Carbon ThreeSixty Ltd

“We were introduced to Keith in January 2018 by another trusted supplier after seeking recommendations from our network for a release agent supplier. We’ve worked with them ever since, and they will remain a key supplier to CTS as we grow.

“Over the years CRC have provided us with various solvent-based release agents for tools and seals, as well as mould sealing agents, in-mould release agents, training and spraying equipment.

“Keith also gives expert consultancy and has an impressive subject-matter expertise alongside a willingness to consult with others. He and the CRC team are always available to chat on the phone and also offer access to a fantastic network of contacts.

“The work that CRC have done for us has made a difference in a number of areas, from process robustness and reliability to supply-chain flexibility and efficiency. We’ve worked with them on root-cause analysis and problem solving, and their professionalism as a technical partner and material supplier is second-to-none.

“Keith and CRC offer us valuable knowledge, expertise, consultancy and advice. Their service is outstanding and always delivered with reliability and friendliness. We are delighted to recommend them as a supplier.”

Sue Wilson

Exel Composites

“CRC have been providing us with plain and printed veils and release agents for over 22 years. They are always willing to help on any technical issues, which I can’t comment on in detail as I have very limited technical knowledge, whereas Keith has vast amounts!

“Keith and the team are extremely friendly and approachable. They use their vast knowledge and expertise to offer consultancy and advice on anything we need. The introduction of printed veils on various profiles was made so much easier with the help of Keith.

“Keith and Carolyn always go above and beyond if I need anything; they are always willing to try and help. Many a time Keith has nipped over in his car to drop something we needed urgently. I also enjoy a good chat with them! They are definitely top of my list for best supplier.”

Mark Reynolds

Hope Technology

“We’ve been working with Keith and CRC for approximately eight years now. Their product, services and friendliness have always been 100%. Keith and the team’s knowledge has really helped us to improve our manufacture and push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

“CRC have been providing us with release agents and mould cleaner for our tool which we process composite parts in.  They have helped us select the right products for our application which has allowed us to turn things around much faster.  They have also provided training for our technicians on how best to use these products.

“All our knowledge of release agents has come from Keith and the CRC team, which we are very grateful for. They are always on the other end of the phone to provide us with technical support and, when needed, factory visits to avoid any downtime in our production. Keith himself has been phenomenal in helping us. We can’t praise him enough here at Hope Technology.”